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Leadership Secrets
Leadership Secrets
Who Else Wants To Discover How To Be
A True Leader?
We're influenced by leaders every day. Some are great, some are a little less great. But what makes up this difference? There's a difference between an interpretation of a leader and a true leader.

  • Do you want to become the best leader you can be?
  • Are you curious about how NOT to be a leader?
  • Do you want to discover what makes a true leader?
  • Want to check if the leaders you know today are actual a correct representation of leadership?

Presenting you: Leadership Secrets.

In a compact and to the point fashion we discover what leadership is all about and what it is mistaken for.
Hilco van der Meer
About The Author

Hilco found his Web Development company in late 2004. Ever since he worked daily with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. His company is focused on setting up exclusive web based systems that businesses can use to run their daily operations.

The systems his company creates are focused on a "human touch", believing that the era of "computer systems" is over. People should be able to work with a system without having the need of a manual or awkward interfaces.

Outside of his Web Development activities he's interested in "what make people tick" on a psychological and intuitional level.

He is a firm believer of "straight to the point" teachings. Focusing on easy to follow information while keeping the unnecessary out. This results in products that are straight to the point and consists of 100% focused information.
How a True Leader Differs From an Everyday Leader
  • Discover what types of leadership we see around us in today's world and how they differ from true leadership.
  • What is leadership in its purest form.
  • How the true beginner is better than the "I made it" leader
  • Learn how recognizing patterns is important to become the best leader possible
  • Find out why you hardly ever hear from Top Leaders
Inside Are The 12 Skills Every Leader Should Master
These skills are not some kind of theory, it are the skills nature gives to true leadership. Whether or not people take note of these is up to them. We'll go over all of them and discuss how to they work.
It's a beautiful Full Color Hardcover book

When Leadership Turns Bad
- Understand What's Causing It -
When true leadership gets confused with other disciplines or behavior things can go wrong real quick. It's good to understand why things like this happen and what to do about it. Recognizing these situations is a great start to change things.
Discover The Tools To Be a True Leader
We go over the most important skills required to be an effective and true leader. Guiding your followers is one of them, but the most important one might surprise you.
This is a Physical Product that is send to your doorstep!

Leadership Secrets is a compact and to the point book. This results in an easy read and valuable information on every page.
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USD $37.00
USD $ 37.00