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Real-time PHP Editor
Real-time PHP Editor
How To Turbocharge Your PHP Mastery With Our Success Tool:
The Realtime PHP Editor
Dear Webdevelopment Master (or soon to be!),

When you're starting out with something new it can be very daunting and intimidating to even make the first step. Especially when you're not being told what to do to make this first step a success. It's not any different with discovering PHP.

It can be a challenge to pick the right coding software - "is this sufficient?", "How do I save this to a server?","Does this support PHP?" How? I can't find it!" - but once set with an environment that you can actually use to write your code you get to the next step: "How do I test this?", "Did I make any mistakes?", "How do I get this to a server without taking 4 extra steps - or even at all?!".

Isn't it frustrating that training materials assume that you know how to get started? How annoying can it be to need to learn how certain software works just to achieve a simple goal? You just want to get started!
Presenting: The Realtime PHP Editor
The number 1 PHP Discovery Tool in the World
1. Type in your code
2. Click Save (or Ctrl + s)
3. Instantly see the results

Easy File Management In The Left Pane
The PHP Editor comes with a full-featured file management system to organize your files and folders. Easily create new files, new folders, move them around as pleased and rename them for your convenience. This way you don't have to manually create and upload every file you need to your FTP - huge timesaver! You can then work with all files as you would normally do in a real project. All files are stored on your server so you can get back to your work any time after a break!
Beautiful syntax colored PHP editor in the bottom pane
We made sure it is a joy to work with the editor and took the time to get the experience as close as what you would encounter in a real job. We left out the code suggestions though, because we believe you learn faster when you actually type code yourself!

With the beautiful syntax highlighter you can easily spot errors while typing and save some annoying frustrations when searching for that one quote that seems to be messing with you!

Instant result in the workarea when PHP file is saved
When you finished a script or just want to see the result of what you created so far simply hit the SAVE button or press Ctrl (Cmd on mac) + S on your keyboard and your file is instantly saved on the server. The editor takes care of the refresh and you can directly see the result. Now that's something that empowers your testing a lot!
Instant view of the HTML output when file is saved
no need to open the browser's source code to see what you created

Aside from the result that's shown by the browser it can be very useful to actually see the HTML code that is generated by your script. We took care of the cumbersome "right-click > view source" option by showing the generated HTML in a easy-to-access tab next to the code editor where you created your script. This way you can easily access the generated code, avoid the annoying view-source step that's required after every pageload and put more time in the actual coding of your script!
Simulate a full website within the Realtime PHP Editor - just like in "the real world"
We made sure the Realtime PHP Editor experience is very close to how you would work on a project in a real-life job. We achieved that by respecting the file structure from the webserver and allow you to use, for example, relative paths for server-side includes. Feel free to link to stylesheets, javascripts and other pages right from within the editor. We make sure you are trained for real life jobs!
We respect your privacy
All files and folders you create with the Realtime PHP Editor are securely stored on your own server. Nothing will be sent to our servers at all time! Everything you enter is kept safely and secure inside your own environment.
Instantly refer to the full PHP Reference online
- No need to leave the Realtime PHP Editor -
Ahh, the good ol' PHP reference. The place to go to see how a function works exactly, what arguments does is take and what does it return. You'll look something up more often than you might realize. Even after more than 10 years of experience I still use it close to daily. So we made sure it is very easy to access right from within the editor itself. Save some time, save another opened tab and access all the information you need instantly with the click of a button.
Quick PHP Reference Access Included

Comes with ready to use images for you to play around with
A website uses images, but when you just need something to play around with it's useful to have something ready-to-go. We save you some additional time by providing you a selection of high-quality royalty-free images. You can easily add them to your code from within the Realtime Editor.

Need some dummy text? We'll save you the time by providing it behind a single click
Lorem Ipsum? Yes, we got that covered as well. Nothing is more irritating than coming up with dummy text that people actually start to read: "this is some dummy text, please don't read me, this is some dummy text, please...". Yes, you get the point ;)
The editor is password protected to keep unwanted guests away from your server
We better make sure that no-one but you can create files on your server. We took care of that by password protecting the Realtime PHP Editor. For your eyes only!
Short-cut your learning curve by using this time-saving, easy-to-use, super-user-friendly training environment
The Realtime PHP Editor is created especially for people that want to discover PHP and are looking for the easiest and most fun way to do so. The editor saves you a lot of time while you're aiming toward your goals of mastering PHP.
Be settled with an environment especially created for PHP training & development - no need for complicated setups to master PHP!
Are you totally new to PHP? We got you covered! Are you looking for extra training to enhance your skillset? We got you covered as well! From super simple to super complicated scripts, the Realtime PHP Editor will support you during your discovery and will save you lots of time and energy.
Do I really need the Realtime PHP Editor?
Depends, if you're looking for an easy-to-use training environment to easily follow training sessions, but better yet, create your own scripts, then yes, this is for you!

How do I start using this?
You may upload all files to a server of your choice, chmod 777 one directory and you're good to go. We've added a training video that shows you exactly how to do this!

Does the Realtime PHP Editor work on any server?
Most likely yes, when the server is running PHP 5. We are not able to reproduce every server configuration, but as soon as you're running into technicals errors just give us a heads-up and we'll aim to fix it to make it even more compatible.

What about updates?
All updates are free for the first month. You can extend that indefinitely by joining the Strawberry Campus Inner Circle during checkout. Already joined? This product is automatically added to your updated products.

Will you install the Realtime PHP Editor for me?
Nope, simply because it is so easy to start using it yourself, you only need a simple hosting package or webserver of your choice. Again, we'll make sure you get a step-by-step instructional video on how to start using the editor, you won't be disappointed :)

Can I use it indefinitely?
Yes! Bought once, yours forever.

Is there a limitation on what I can create with the editor?
No and Yes. No, the editor does not bring in any limitations on what you can create with your PHP scripts. Yes, all code you write is limited by the actual server the editor is running on. Does your server not support feature X, than the editor does not as well. Does your server support feature Y, then the Realtime PHP Editor does as well.

Can I use it on more than one server?
Yes, please note that the editor is licensed to you as a single person, you may not share it publicly or make it available to other persons but yourself.

Can I use it with multiple people?
The editor is aimed at a single-user experience.

I am a teacher, can I make the editor available for use to my students?
Please contact us prior to purchasing this product, tell us your plans and we'll work something out.

Can I use the Realtime PHP Editor instead of software X to program my website?
Most likely not, although it gets close to being a serious alternative, it lacks certain common features like 'find & replace', FTP-support, version history, and other things you might require from a production environment. The Realtime PHP Editor is aimed to be a playground for discovering PHP and all its possibilities.

Does this work in companion with your training videos?
Yes. Actually, we shoot our training materials right inside these editors, they're so easy to use - we love our Realtime editors ourselves :)

Bug! I found a bug!
Wowzers! If you like us to fix 'em, please head over to our bug submission page and complete the form.
Most people buy this tool in addition to our training videos so they can follow along and program themselves as they proceed. This tool enhances their learning capabilities tremendously! You can become one of those people!
This is a Physical Product that is send to your doorstep!
In addition to that we also make parts of it available as an instant download so you can start immediately!

This software is eligable for updates. You will automatically get updates for your purchase through your account.

USD $37.00
Download Included
Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We care about your experience. We also trust our products 100%. That's why we can offer a full 100% money-back guarantee for all your investments. Decide in 30 days if this is for you and if not, just let us know.

If, for whatever reason, you are not happy with the goods you received, just give us a heads-up, send us the package back and we'll make sure you'll get a full 100 percent refund of every penny you paid us for the product. You have my word on it.

Please note: for us to accept your return the product must be in its original condition. We reserve the right to refuse returns or to charge you our fees and expenses if the product is received otherwise than in accordance with this requirement.
So there you have it, the Realtime PHP Editor for easy discovery of the PHP language. Shorten your learning curve tremendously by using all the shortcuts available in this program and be ahead of the crowd while becoming a PHP Master.
USD $37.00
Download Included
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