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Real-time MySQL Editor
Real-time MySQL Editor
Who Else Wants To Empower Their MySQL Skills Using This Never-Seen-Before Training Tool?
Do you want an easy environment where you can train your MySQL skills? Do you want easy setup, upload and ready for use software? Do you want a tool that specifically aimed at training?

Look no further:
Presenting The
★ Real-Time MySQL Editor ★
This tool is all about providing a user friendly environment for you to use while working with a MySQL Database. To be honest, we use it in our day-to-day work as well since it's light-weight, easy to use, and does a hell of a job in delivering what we need.

This tool is created for coders, by coders. It's created as a wonderful tool for people that want to master MySQL and are looking for an easy to use training environment.
Password Protected
The Real-Time MySQL Editor is password protected to make sure you're the only one with access to the databases on your server.
Connect Unlimited Databases
You can connect unlimited databases to the tool. This allows you to work with all the databases you wish on the same server.
When you open the connection on other servers you can also work with databases from other servers. This way you have everything you need within one environment.
Powerful Database Overview
You can use the overview of your database to see in one panel what the details are of your tables, from here you also easily open the table structure or view the records.
Adding Database Tables Is Very Easy
You can easily add new tables to your database, everything required in the "real world" is available in the Real-Time MySQL Editor as well!

Wonderful Overview In The Left Pane
In the left pane you have a great overview of your current database. It also comes with all the options to setup a new database, edit and view tables or logout of the system completely.

You can collapse this pane to your liking when you need the extra space in the editor. Double click on a table will directly view the records for it.

Even when you have hundreds of tables this will work flawlessly because of the table filter you have available.
Complete Management Of Your Table Structure
Using the table structure screen you can see and do everything related to your database table.

Easily Add And Edit Table Indexes
You can easily alter existing and create new indexes on your table. This way you can optimize your table strcuture for your custom queries.
Adding Records Is A Breeze
Adding records is a breeze with the Add Record pop-up. You can easily fill your tables with data for you to work with.
Browse Records With Ease
Easily browse paged records and edit them as you browse. Your Custom Query results will be shown in this fashion as well.

Search Inside Your Records
Looking for a specific record? Or do you want to select all records that match a certain value? You can easily setup your query using the search pop-up
Take A Peek Under The Hood
Every time you perfom an action inside the editor we show you what we are doing so you understand what is happening under the hood. This means you can also use the system to create a custom query you are looking for.
Write Your Own Queries With Ease
By writing your own queries, either a DELETE, INSERT, UPDATE or SELECT., you trigger the powerful and unqiue Query Visualizer as you type.

Embrace The Powerful Query Visualizer
The Query Visualizer visualizes what you're going to do with your query. This way you can understand how tables interact with each other and spot errors on the fly.

Do I really need the Realtime MySQL Editor?
Depends, if you're looking for an easy-to-use training environment to easily follow training sessions, but better yet, create and manage your own databases and getting great insights using the query visualizer, then yes, this is for you!

How do I start using this?
You may upload all files to a server of your choice, chmod 777 one directory and you're good to go. We've added a training video that shows you exactly how to do this!

Does the Realtime MySQL Editor work on any server?
Most likely yes, when the server is running PHP 5. We are not able to reproduce every server configuration, but as soon as you're running into technicals errors just give us a heads-up and we'll aim to fix it to make it even more compatible. Of course you need a MySQL database that you can connect to, these are included in pretty much all hosting packages today.

What about updates?
All updates are free for the first month. You can extend that indefinitely by joining the Strawberry Campus Inner Circle during checkout. Already joined? This product is automatically added to your updated products.

Will you install the Realtime MySQL Editor for me?
Nope, simply because it is so easy to start using it yourself, you only need a simple hosting package or webserver of your choice. Again, we'll make sure you get a step-by-step instructional video on how to start using the editor, you won't be disappointed :)

Can I use it indefinitely?
Yes! Bought once, yours forever.

Can I use it on more than one server?
Yes, please note that the editor is licensed to you as a single person, you may not share it publicly or make it available to other persons but yourself.

Can I use it with multiple people?
The editor is aimed at a single-user experience.

I am a teacher, can I make the editor available for use to my students?
Please contact us prior to purchasing this product, tell us your plans and we'll work something out.

Can I use the Realtime mYsql Editor instead of software X to manage my database?
Most likely not, although it gets close to being a serious alternative, it lacks certain common features like import and export of databases and other things you might require from a production environment. The Realtime MySQL Editor is aimed to be a playground for discovering MySQL and all its possibilities.

Does this work in companion with your training videos?
Yes. Actually, we shoot our training materials right inside these editors, they're so easy to use - we love our Realtime editors ourselves :)

Bug! I found a bug!
Wowzers! If you like us to fix 'em, please head over to our bug submission page and complete the form.
Most people buy this tool in addition to our training videos so they can follow along and program themselves as they proceed. This tool enhances their learning capabilities tremendously! You can become one of those people!
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In addition to that we also make parts of it available as an instant download so you can start immediately!

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