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How To Master HTML5
How To Master HTML5
Who Else Wants To Discover The Truth About HTML5 And Become A True HTML5 Professional?
Are You Looking for a Step-by-Step
Very Detailed and Easy To Follow
Explanation of HTML5?
Then this is for you!

In the course How To Master HTML5 we take a look at every detail of the language and find out what it is all about, how it changed from HTML 4 and how you can use in today's web development.
Hilco van der Meer
About The Author

Hilco found his Web Development company in late 2004. Ever since he worked daily with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. His company is focused on setting up exclusive web based systems that businesses can use to run their daily operations.

The systems his company creates are focused on a "human touch", believing that the era of "computer systems" is over. People should be able to work with a system without having the need of a manual or awkward interfaces.

Outside of his Web Development activities he's interested in "what make people tick" on a psychological and intuitional level.

He is a firm believer of "straight to the point" teachings. Focusing on easy to follow information while keeping the unnecessary out. This results in products that are straight to the point and consists of 100% focused information.
HTML5 is part of the big 5. In order the be a professional web developer you need to master all of them :)

In This Course We Go Over Everything You Need To Know To Become A HTML5 Professional
  1. Discover what a browser does with your code
  2. Learn how tags are constructed in HTML5
  3. See what void elements are all about
  4. Find out what Parents and Children mean in HTML5
  5. How to create attributes and whether you need quotes or not
  6. How to prepare your HTML to team up with CSS
  7. Learn about Global Attributes and when to use them
  8. How To activate spellcheck on your site
  9. How To make your form tab-key-friendly
Setup Your Document Structure The Correct Way
  • How To organize your document so it works accros all browsers
  • Know what goes into the <head> section of your page
  • Discover what changed between HTML4 and HTML5 to setup your document
  • How to link to external scripts so it always works over secure and insecure connections without changing your code
  • How to set a favicon the correct way so it works accros all platforms
  • Learn how to setup comments inside your HTML
HTML5 Is All About Giving Meaning To Your Code
  • Discover how to use text headers for your content
  • Markup your text the correct way using the new HTML5 tags
  • Give meaning to your content by using the correct tag in the right situation for your text
Prepare Your Lists For Use With
Cascading Style Sheets
  • Setup lists to use in menus or just bulleted information like you are reading now
  • Understand description lists and how they are used in real-life
Discover All There Is To Know About Setting Up Links On Your Pages And Iframes
  • Discover the correct use of absolute and relative paths
  • Learn how to setup links that allow you to trigger an email application and send out email immediately
  • Know how to setup targets that let you control where and how links are opened
  • Understand how to use the relationship attribute to give meaning to your outgoing links
Understand All The Ins & Outs Of Images
  • How to show an image on your page
  • How to scale images so they fit your document
  • Discover the alternative way of showing an image instead of just linking to it
  • Understand figures and their meaning
  • Discover image maps and how to use them correctly
Discover Everything About Tables, Understand Their Bad Reputation And Why They're Actually Great
  • How to setup your table structure
  • How to use table captions, headers and footers
  • Discover how to setup advanced tables for special layouts
How To Setup Forms To Handle User Input On Your Site
  • Find out what the correct action on your form is for secure submissions
  • Learn all available elements like text and password fields, checkboxes and the so called radio buttons
  • How to setup your file fields for correct uploads
  • Learn about text areas and how to setup all their options
  • Discover all the available buttons
  • Discover the new HTML5 forms elements and understand when and when you cannot use them
  • How To setup HTML5 Form validation and understand how to use it in practice (the answer might surprise you)
  • How to beat spam bots on your page
Discover The New Document Sections and Outline
(and how to deal with them correctly!)
HTML5 introduced a new document outline using sections.
  • Discover how sections are created and when to use them
  • Understand headings and their importance
  • Find out about the difference between HTML4 and HTML5 document outlines
  • Learn about articles, sections and the nav and main tags
Discover The New Way To Add Audio To Your Page
  • How play audio the right way on your site
  • Discover the most important audio types and their codecs
  • Learn about setting up the audio player exactly how you want it
How To Successfully Place Video On Your Site
  • How to setup your video using HTML5 only
  • Discover how to deal with this in practice (the answer might surprise you)
  • Learn how to set subtitles for you video
  • Know how to setup controls, volume, prefetch and automatic playing
  • Discover about the supported existing video codecs and their future
Discover All About Accessible Rich Internet Applications
  • Discover a world that is usually not mentioned
  • How to make your site accessible for users with disabilities
  • Understand how this meta language works in conjunction with HTML5
  • Learn about its future and what the official advice is for using it
How To Successfully Setup Your Page With Microdata
  • Great for Search Engine Optimization
  • Discover how to setup microdata for your specific type of page
  • Learn about the official standard and how Google supports it
How To Fully Support Social Media Using The Open Graph Protocol
  • Learn about the three major types used on today's websites
  • How to let your site look the best when people share your site
  • A sneaky little trick to use YouTube videos to your advantage
Discover How You Can Make Your Page Look The Best On Twitter
  • We go over the specific language Twitter invented for their own site
  • How to setup your page so it also supports Twitter the way it should
  • Discover the various ways you can promote the content on your page so it shows like a large message for all your followers
How To Optimize Your Code For The Search Engines
  • We go over all little sneaky tricks to optimize your page in a legal way
  • Learn about the importance of your document layout
  • How to make sure search engine spiders do not get lost on your site
  • Discover how to avoid being punished for duplicate content on your site
  • Make sure the search engines can find alternative languages on your site
And Never Forget Where We Came From
  • Sound like a pro by learning about the first website ever
  • See how HTML improved over the years
  • Discover the struggle HTML has been through over the past 20 years
Enhance Your Real-Life Practical Skills With Our Unique Real-Time HTML Editor
Speed up your learning process by using our Real-Time HTML Editor. Practice makes perfect and you can easily try out everything you read in our Step-by-Step course in this editor. It's the one and only way that guarantees you Master HTML5!
Images To Play Around With

A website uses images, but when you just need something to play around with it's useful to have something ready-to-go. We save you some additional time by providing you a selection of high-quality royalty-free images. You can easily add them to your code from within the Realtime Editor.
Free Random Text To Play Around With
Lorem Ipsum? Yes, we got that covered as well. Nothing is more irritating than coming up with dummy text that people actually start to read: "this is some dummy text, please don't read me, this is some dummy text, please...". Yes, you get the point ;)
Automatic HTML5 and 4 Document Outline Analyzer
Instantly see the outline of your code you've entered in the Real-Time HTML Editor. This way you can instantly see what you're doing and understand the difference between the two!

The Real-Time HTML Editor Is Especially Tailored Towards Practicing All HTML5 Has To Offer
  • Table layout outlines to see exactly what you're doing
  • Convenient visibility of image maps for easy practice
  • Simply type your code and see instant result
  • Form handling simulator to practice form submissions
  • Full blown HTML reference included
Every Subject Is Covered By Step-By-Step Training Videos
Throughout the manual we constantly refer to our step-by-step training videos. In a personal way Hilco will guide you through the materials and show a practical way how to apply what you've just learned about.

Included are:
  • 23 step-by-step really easy to follow and fun training videos
  • See one for free by entering your email below!
Enjoy The Beautiful Physical Step-By-Step Course That Goes Over Everything
How To Master HTML5 Is The Combination Of
A Beautiful Binder With A Triple DVD Case

Is this course aimed at a corporate/business level
Yes, the goal of this course is to make anyone following it to become a HTML5 Master. This is the level that is required in professional jobs.

I'm just a simple person interested in creating websites, is this for me?
We would say yes and here's why: we believe all training should be extremely simple, no matter the subject. We do not believe in for example age restrictions or letting beginners out. As long as you are serious about mastering HTML5, this is for you.

Can I make a complete website when I follow this course?
No, this is not what this course is about. This course focuses on the language HTML5. It's one of the five languages you need to master to create a complete website. This is your strong foundation and the first of five to master.

I am a teacher, can I make the course available to my students?
Please contact us prior to purchasing this product, tell us your plans and we'll work something out
So what's a resource like this worth?
Consider the following. What if you are you looking for a highly professional course, like this one? You have a couple of options available. You could get in-house training where an expert visit you and teach you the ropes of HTML5. But as you might know this is quite costly as you pay at least 100 dollars an hour. Give yourself a couple of days and you can do the math.

Another option is professional HTML5 training on location. You go to a centralized location and easily pay 800 dollars for two days of your time!

That's why we can assure you How To Master HTML5 is such a bargain at $247!
USD $247.00
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This is a Physical Product that is send to your doorstep!

USD $247.00
So here you have it, the easiest and most complete way to discover HTML5. Including the manual, 23 training videos and the unique Real-Time HTML Editor to practice everything in a very easy way. Truly an amazing investment for you and your business!

Hilco van der Meer
Strawberry Campus