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Real-time CSS Editor
Real-time CSS Editor
Who Else Want To Shorten Their CSS Learning Curve Drastically?
Hello CSS Expert (or soon to be!),

Are you looking for a way to improve your CSS Skills in a way that actually works? No matter what skill level you're on? Do you want to get better at CSS and not waste tons of hours in books and only grasp some theory instead of creating things in real life?

Cascading Style Sheets are here to stay for the rest of the Internet so it's kind of a good idea to master this language! Well, now you can with the Real-Time CSS Editor.
Presenting: The Real-Time CSS Editor
The number 1 CSS Practice Tool in the World

The Realtime CSS Editor empowers you to easily discover CSS. Here's how it works:
1. Write you HTML in the bottom pane
2. Define Your CSS in the left Pane
3. See Instant Results in the Middle!

Real-Time HTML Coder in the Bottom Pane
You can easily write your HTML code straight inside the Real-Time CSS Editor. As you are typing the browser will instantly show you the result. This means you see all states of how the browser renders your code as you go along. This greatly improves your understanding of how things work!

The HTML Coding area is color coded for your convience, so you have a real-life environment to work in.
Real-Time CSS Coder in the Left Pane

This is where the magic happens...

As soon as you start typing your Cascading Style Sheet code, the Real-Time CSS Editor shows you AS YOU TYPE how the web browser would render it. In other words, see the real life representation of your code while you write it down.

This means you get a very good understanding how these two work together on the web.

The code area is colored so you can easily spot errors as you go along. We also added a color picker so you don't have to come up with the color codes yourself!. It's all very easy and fun to use.
Ready To Use Images To Play Around With
No need for difficult steps to get an image in there for use. Simply use on of our high-quality images to start experimenting immedeately.

Full Blown "Can I Use" Reference - Find Out In an Instant What Feature is Supported by What Browser
It's important to know whether or not a certain CSS feature is supported by all major browsers or not. We added the Can I Use reference to the Real-Time CSS Editor so you can easily determine if you want to use a certain style or not. This saves you a lot of time and ensures you are capable of creating code that's portable along browsers.

Complete CSS Reference For Instant Lookup
Need to know what the actual reference says about a certain property? No Problem! You can access the full CSS Reference straight from within the Real-time CSS Editor!

Dummy Text For Your Convenience
Lorem Ipsum? Yes, we got that covered as well. Nothing is more irritating than coming up with dummy text that people actually start to read: "this is some dummy text, please don't read me, this is some dummy text, please...". Yes, you get the point ;)
Built-in W3C CSS Validator
Want to make sure your code is valid? Easy! At the click of a button the Real-Time CSS Editor validates your code at the W3C validator.

It even gives you the exact line of code that is giving problems!

Six Step-By-Step Instruction Videos
We make sure you can start immedeately with the editor. Just watch the instruction videos that covers every feature of the Real-Time CSS Editor. It's an extra bonus for an already easy to use product!

Publish Your Code On A Temporary Public URL
(Great For Sharing And Cross Browser Checks)
As an extra convience we made sure you can test your code on multiple devices and in multiple browsers, simply click on the "Publish at" button and you get your own temporary URL that you can visit as if it was a normal website.

It are these extra features that make this editor such an unique experience.

Do I really need the Real-time CSS Editor?
Depends, if you're looking for an easy-to-use training environment to easily follow training sessions, but better yet, create your own CSS Code, then yes, this is for you!

How do I start using this?
You may open editor.html in your favorite browser and you're good to go.

Does the Real-time CSS Editor work on any server?
The Editor is aimed at running offline as well as online. It operates independent from any server configuration. You don't even have to use a server as it can run straight from the CD or your computer.

What about updates?
All updates are free for the first month. You can extend that indefinitely by joining the Strawberry Campus Inner Circle during checkout. Already joined? This product is automatically added to your updated products.

Will you install the Real-time CSS Editor for me?
Nope, simply because it doesn't need installation. Simply open editor.html and you're good to go.

Can I use it indefinitely?
Yes! Bought once, yours forever.

Is there a limitation on what I can create with the editor?
No and Yes. No, the editor does not bring in any limitations on what you can create with your CSS Code. Yes, all code you write is limited by the browser you work in. Does your browser not support feature X, than the editor does not as well. Does your browser support feature Y, then the Real-time CSS Editor does as well.

Can I use it with multiple people?
The editor is aimed at a single-user experience.

I am a teacher, can I make the editor available for use to my students?
Please contact us prior to purchasing this product, tell us your plans and we'll work something out.

Can I use the Realtime CSS Editor instead of software X to program my website?
No, this editor is purely aimed at providing you an environment where you can experiment and fool around in. There's no option to save any of your work to a server for use in a real-life website.

Does this work in companion with your training videos?
Yes. Actually, we shoot our training materials right inside these editors, they're so easy to use - we love our Realtime editors ourselves :)
This is a Physical Product that is send to your doorstep!
In addition to that we also make parts of it available as an instant download so you can start immediately!

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USD $47.00
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