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Why Accelerated Mobile Pages are a good idea Thu Feb 4 2016

Discover more about his new exciting open source project. Good bye clunky mobile pages!

Something is about to change in the mobile world. Google and Twitter are fed up with slow loading, full of ads, all over the place jumping pages. The reason for that? Bad user experience.

There is now a new project called Accelerated Mobile Pages found on This project is dedicated to deliver certain pages of your website ultra-fast to the search engines. Google is probably the first one to adapt this new technology in their search results as they already have a working demo available.

It's not your whole website that's going to be using this technique, at the moment it's generally your news pages that are benefiting from this setup since there are multiple elements forbidden on a page.

You can't use JavaScript, you can't use forms. Those things alone are a total game-breaker for a regular website.

So what is it then exactly? It's a closed sandbox technique that allows the author to use a fixed set of elements to build their page. You are required to stick to those elements alone. In addition to that you are also limited in your styles: just one inline style tag with maximum 50kb of styles.

Google is basically saying "screw you" annoying websites with your annoying ads. You are abusing the Internet, we make sure you can’t do that anymore. And so this project was born.

We've just scratched the surface of this project as it is still in major development. New building blocks are being added as we speak. The project is so new it has hardly any following as of yet.Spread the word!

Hilco van der Meer
Hilco has been an entrepreneur and web developer since 2004. His focus is always you should be able to build whatever you want in a browser. He primarily focuses on the core principles of web development in the languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. You too can become a Web Development Master by taking our courses!

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