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Do true coders still exists? Tue Feb 23 2016

The art of coding is slowly fading away...

"I want a website" seems always to result in "sure, we will give you a Wordpress site" or a Magento site when one wants a webshop.

It seems that over the past 10 years true coders faded away and got replaced by standardized systems that are developed by third parties. Ok, not only Wordpress, but also Drupal, Joomla, the latest framework from X to do Y super-fast because much better than what already exists, etc. etc. etc.

Web development seems to become more and more what other make available for people to use. I admit, I rely on things like TinyMCE and jQuery or a class like PHPMailer. It's not that you have to create everything yourself but a whole system just like that?

I truly believe true skill comes from within and allows you to create anything you want in a browser. This is only possible when you master your languages. It puts you in a position to make things no-one ever thought about, things that didn't exist before. Expressing yourself like a true artist.

We don't need more copy-cats, that's boring as hell. We need more true coders that color the world for the special things they make.

Unfortunately companies make the move to standardized Wordpress sites more and more, and I pity that. It makes web development a boring and predictable affair. Sooner or later people will believe it's the only there is. Will the art of truly mastering the web languages fade away and be replaced by incompetent people that only know how to install plugins and use existing systems?

The need to know your languages is definitely becoming less important to be able to deliver a website, however, as soon as someone is requesting for a custom change you have a problem, your lack of skill shows and you lose your client, it won't be the first time I see it happen to somebody.

What is normal for me personally is apparently becoming an art: knowing how to web develop. Are you interested in becoming an artist yourself as well?

Hilco van der Meer
Hilco has been an entrepreneur and web developer since 2004. His focus is always you should be able to build whatever you want in a browser. He primarily focuses on the core principles of web development in the languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. You too can become a Web Development Master by taking our courses!

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